Boulder video editor always starts with getting the right shoot.

Boulder video editor always starts with getting the right shot.

A Boulder Video Editor Director with over 28 years of experience, Michael Conti Video Productions of Boulder, Colorado,

has provided a variety of companies with cost-effective solutions in producing, writing, directing, shooting and editing video content for short and long format,  social media videos for Facebook and YouTube, technical directing live video streaming utilizing Ustream and Google Hangouts, multimedia, on-demand video, DVD, Blu-ray, television and theatrical distribution.

Michael Conti Productions LLC understands the both the creative and technical process of providing video content and services for his clients. 

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Michael Conti’s respected industry approach brings together an unique blend of affordable talent of cameramen, video specialists, storyboard artists, actors, sound designers and craftsmen. The end result is you making an impact with your audience in a cost effective manner with high production value. We loves what we do and sharing our  knowledge and passion with our clients is a natural part of this process.


Check out our video portfolio below for our most recent marketing, corporate and creative work.

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Video production services located in Boulder but our availability is anywhere, from live streaming a corporate event to filming a commercial product in an overseas factory.